Thursday, July 28, 2005

this is cool

every one with a computer needs to watch this video

Saturday, July 23, 2005

its ruff out there Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

this should be my last nyc video (till my next trip)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Ok so how can a verry cool life blog be verry cool if I don�t post? Well it cant that�s why im going to start posting more often. First of all what the hell am I donning wrong. I cant get my videos up on ant or meefedia. I think im mentally challenged sometimes.(maybe its all that pot I smoke who knows.)
I had a real good time at the vbq. Came away with more questions. I believe. I believe good lord I believe we are on to something real big. Well at least you guys are.

Ive had been working on this one guys pool for the better part of a month now. Its really starting to piss me off. Just one stupid thing after another on his pool. I cant a stupid little c clip porked me.
Im gong to start a new profession, im done with swimming pools after this season,. Any body have ideas on a cool new profession?(race car diver, scuba instructor, something cool for this winter.)

Ill be back

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Saturday, July 16, 2005

thanks to my new friends at blip hummmmm now where do i steal a button.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

nyc trip

Sunday, July 10, 2005


a verry cool lifeblog
baking at the vbq

a verry cool lifeblog

sunday nyc??

a verry cool lifeblog
this should be sunday morning nyclionk this

Sunday nyc

this should be sunday morning
click this

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Strang Turns

a verry cool lifeblog
Its 1984 and my cell phone is like a brick in a bag. Every time I picked it up it cost me $2. I didn’t answer every one but I always took Lisa’s call.
“What are you doing?”
“I am in the middle of the state forest cursing around ” I replied.
“Pick me up and bring me to Leo’s “ she asked, thinking I was going to pick her up in my car. I had a cool 73-road runner back then.
“Ok ill see you in a bit.” I hung up the phone and started my yahadog warrior quad. The thing was massive 350 4 stroke cool toy. I raced up the paths and crossed a couple of back yards to get to her house in about 15 mins. I pulled In the drive way.
She came out in a nice little skirt and sweeter. She looked great. Big hair make up took her a bit to get this way.
“Im not getting on that “she said as she lit a smoke.
“What do you mean you told me to pick you up”
“I thought you had your car”
“I told you I was in the state forest”
She looked at the bike and took another drag and said “just don’t go to fast” as she got on it side saddle.”
So I took off putting around in the state it was all-good stuck to basic trails up hills down hills then I took the corner
The corner had just a little drop; on the other side there was a 3-foot puddle of water. Splash water everywhere. I was soaked she was soaked she had mud mixed with aqua net mixed in her hair, make up running everywhere, we pulled over and lit a but and laughed abut it.

just hanging around

Friday, July 01, 2005

We had this rope swing near my house that swung you higher than the telephone lines.

This was the coolest non-water swing out there, and we built it right. First of all it was on the edge of the Dracut state forest (23 sq miles of randy land dirt bikes and everything )near my house, I love the state forest more on that later lets get back to the swing that almost killed my friend.

This big old birch tree had the perfect limb. Nope got ahead of the story

We had this crappy little swing near mike mahue house it was cool and every thing but it was a little kids nothing rope swing. Then one day as we were smoking bonzes getting high on a downed tree that we called the log.(creative wernt we at 14) we noticed the birch tree it had that magical glow that drew us to it. it had the limb 20 ft up it was built for us. The tree was on a 35-degree slop. Fucking perfect.

We rapped a chain around the limb put steal cable thro chain tied off to chain 7 ft up we put heavy gage rope had aluam baseball bat for seat which was 2.5 ft off the ground. it was built well. Had to chop a fue little trees and clear some brush but all in fun labor.

Take the bat put the rope between your legs and walk up hill till you cant go no more hold on tight because once you leave the point where the swings apex you go on a ride that brings you almost 40 feet above the road below. It was wild. One half of the ride your like 2 feet off the ground and the other half you were 60 feet up back and forth take a good 5 minuets to stop. I am surprised none of us got killed on it, but you got to believe me we tried.

Ok this page might not be verry cool at the moment but that will change in a bit, I got some stuff at another blog that ill bring over. This should be cool, stay tuned

I kind of think watching TV is a big waste of time. I don�t watch that much TV. Well reltivly compared to some I watch a lot. compared to others i bialy touch the remote. i make TV, bad local TV. Does that make me a accomplice to the couch potatoing of mann kind? Im normally a up and go kind of person. I don�t really sit around a box and not do anything. Until the video blog. Now I find my self sitting around a box and watching other peoples lives and not going out and livving mine. wich leaves me to ask a queston, is sitting back watching video blogs the same thing as watching 5 hours of jerry Springer? Sure you got to point and click and find stuff. But with Rss its just like channel surfing.
I can see this going big? any one got the answers to this and other questions I have??