Friday, July 01, 2005

We had this rope swing near my house that swung you higher than the telephone lines.

This was the coolest non-water swing out there, and we built it right. First of all it was on the edge of the Dracut state forest (23 sq miles of randy land dirt bikes and everything )near my house, I love the state forest more on that later lets get back to the swing that almost killed my friend.

This big old birch tree had the perfect limb. Nope got ahead of the story

We had this crappy little swing near mike mahue house it was cool and every thing but it was a little kids nothing rope swing. Then one day as we were smoking bonzes getting high on a downed tree that we called the log.(creative wernt we at 14) we noticed the birch tree it had that magical glow that drew us to it. it had the limb 20 ft up it was built for us. The tree was on a 35-degree slop. Fucking perfect.

We rapped a chain around the limb put steal cable thro chain tied off to chain 7 ft up we put heavy gage rope had aluam baseball bat for seat which was 2.5 ft off the ground. it was built well. Had to chop a fue little trees and clear some brush but all in fun labor.

Take the bat put the rope between your legs and walk up hill till you cant go no more hold on tight because once you leave the point where the swings apex you go on a ride that brings you almost 40 feet above the road below. It was wild. One half of the ride your like 2 feet off the ground and the other half you were 60 feet up back and forth take a good 5 minuets to stop. I am surprised none of us got killed on it, but you got to believe me we tried.


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