Friday, July 01, 2005

Ok this page might not be verry cool at the moment but that will change in a bit, I got some stuff at another blog that ill bring over. This should be cool, stay tuned

I kind of think watching TV is a big waste of time. I don�t watch that much TV. Well reltivly compared to some I watch a lot. compared to others i bialy touch the remote. i make TV, bad local TV. Does that make me a accomplice to the couch potatoing of mann kind? Im normally a up and go kind of person. I don�t really sit around a box and not do anything. Until the video blog. Now I find my self sitting around a box and watching other peoples lives and not going out and livving mine. wich leaves me to ask a queston, is sitting back watching video blogs the same thing as watching 5 hours of jerry Springer? Sure you got to point and click and find stuff. But with Rss its just like channel surfing.
I can see this going big? any one got the answers to this and other questions I have??


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