Monday, July 18, 2005

Ok so how can a verry cool life blog be verry cool if I don�t post? Well it cant that�s why im going to start posting more often. First of all what the hell am I donning wrong. I cant get my videos up on ant or meefedia. I think im mentally challenged sometimes.(maybe its all that pot I smoke who knows.)
I had a real good time at the vbq. Came away with more questions. I believe. I believe good lord I believe we are on to something real big. Well at least you guys are.

Ive had been working on this one guys pool for the better part of a month now. Its really starting to piss me off. Just one stupid thing after another on his pool. I cant a stupid little c clip porked me.
Im gong to start a new profession, im done with swimming pools after this season,. Any body have ideas on a cool new profession?(race car diver, scuba instructor, something cool for this winter.)

Ill be back


Anonymous Black Knight said...

Ive got a good idea how bout a tile helper or a granite shop asistant.

8:31 PM  

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