Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Strang Turns

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Its 1984 and my cell phone is like a brick in a bag. Every time I picked it up it cost me $2. I didn’t answer every one but I always took Lisa’s call.
“What are you doing?”
“I am in the middle of the state forest cursing around ” I replied.
“Pick me up and bring me to Leo’s “ she asked, thinking I was going to pick her up in my car. I had a cool 73-road runner back then.
“Ok ill see you in a bit.” I hung up the phone and started my yahadog warrior quad. The thing was massive 350 4 stroke cool toy. I raced up the paths and crossed a couple of back yards to get to her house in about 15 mins. I pulled In the drive way.
She came out in a nice little skirt and sweeter. She looked great. Big hair make up took her a bit to get this way.
“Im not getting on that “she said as she lit a smoke.
“What do you mean you told me to pick you up”
“I thought you had your car”
“I told you I was in the state forest”
She looked at the bike and took another drag and said “just don’t go to fast” as she got on it side saddle.”
So I took off putting around in the state it was all-good stuck to basic trails up hills down hills then I took the corner
The corner had just a little drop; on the other side there was a 3-foot puddle of water. Splash water everywhere. I was soaked she was soaked she had mud mixed with aqua net mixed in her hair, make up running everywhere, we pulled over and lit a but and laughed abut it.


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